Prototype Hand-off by Avocode

Play prototypes and start inspecting from any artboard.

Prototype Hand-off by Avocode is a new way to share Sketch, XD, and Figma prototypes with developers. Just import your prototype and invite developers to click between connected screens and hotspots. Once they understand the flow, they can access design specs, assets and code from any artboard of the flow.

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Hello Hunters! With the introduction of rapid prototyping in XD, then Figma and now Sketch, we’re seeing a dramatic shift from 3rd party prototyping tools back to the primary design tools. While designers can now design and prototype in one tool, developers need a different UI to work with the design file. I’m pleased to tell you that you can now share prototypes via Avocode. This way developers understand the whole flow of the prototype first and can access specs and assets from any screen. Since Avocode generates a unique sharing link for each artboard, you can navigate developers to any point in the flow. To celebrate this occasion, we're giving out a special promo-code: “prototype-30-off-limited” for a 30% discount on all yearly plans. If you tried Avocode in the past and missed the support for prototyping, just go to this link to restart your 14 days free trial. I realize that our support for prototypes is in an early stage and that’s why we need to know what prototyping features are necessary for you so we could optimize our roadmap. Do you need things like fixed areas, device screens, or perhaps transitions in your design hand-off workflow? Let me know in the comments. 🤙🏼
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@helloiamvu Are you reaching out to corporates via cold e-mail or driving inbound traffic ?
It would be nice if you integrate transitions, not just basic transitions, but real world app transitions. It would be helpful to share the same thought of a transition between de designer and the developer
@jonathan_solorzano Thanks for your comment! We're working on that. This is just a first version 😊.
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Cool.waiting for new product.