Create drip campaigns and automate your Linkedin Activity 🚀

Linkedin automation
🚀Drip campaign scenarios allows you to follow-up on prospects after they accepted your connection invite or saw your previous message. Automate complex conditional series of actions effortlessly and start generating leads stress-free
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17 Reviews5.0/5
it's funny how the cursor moves completely off the screen (the whole moving out is annoying btw)
What do you do with the data you're compiling in the CRM? I don't see anything about GDPR on your site.
Awesome tool. Sensitive to feedbacks team. Absolutely great support.
I've been trying to use linkedhelper but prospectIn is much (much much) better...
@anlo69190 Thank you so much 😍
Curious. How do you work around LinkedIn’s prohibition on the automation platforms?
@tobinslaven Hey Tobin 😊 We purposely limit our users with daily quotas, per types of action, within the acceptable limits of LinkedIn. Also we try to emulate human behavior by adding randomized delays in between actions, thus limiting spam.
@amandine1 - not trying to rain on your parade. We previously used a different automation platform, and had dozens of accounts being used for clients. But we shifted a year ago and this was a primary driver: So I am just trying to wrap my head around how this is different.
@tobinslaven @amandine1 I suspect they'll hit you with a C&D pretty quickly as they've done with every product that tries to sit in their ecosystem without permission. You can get around it by playing nice and requiring users to download a pdf version of the record and upload it outside of the LinkedIn tool.