Estimate the gender distribution of your Twitter network

Proportionl is a way to estimate the gender distribution of your followers and those you follow, based on their profile descriptions or first names.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Earlier this year I created a "personal CRM" using Airtable, collecting data about each person I follow on Twitter such as company, location, and gender using a virtual assistant. Curious, I reviewed the gender makeup and found that 79% of the people I follow (most of which work in tech) are men. I wrote about this discovery and have since sought to add more diversity to those I follow going forward. This tool makes it far easier to get an estimation of this. I'd encourage everyone to give it a try and would love to see others report their findings in the comments here.
Tregg@treggify · Product Designer at JP Morgan Chase
This is interesting. It'd be great to have something actionable on the other side once you analyze your account. "Here's a twitter list of tech women" for instance
Interesting how it estimates gender apparently quite accurately, either by pronouns in the bio or passing the first name to a gender guessing library.
Josh Huff
Josh Huff@revhuff · CEO/Founder of Quiver, Inc
Love it! My results were pretty even for both people I follow and my followers. People I follow: Nonbinary = 1% Men = 55% Women = 44% My Followers: Nonbinary = 1% Men = 49% Women = 50%
Angie@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Interesting to see the male/female ratio when it comes to people I follow and the people who follow me. My results are: People I follow: men 74% women 24% Followers: men 70% women 29% The last year I have been interested in following other female founders (in tech) and I'm curious to see the results of others, especially of other women. The percentages give a good boost to continue to engage with other females on Twitter with the same interests.