Proofy 2.0

A bulk email verification service

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 02, 2019
With proofy you avoid bounces, catch all, dead emails. You increase email deliverability, save your domain email, enhance open rate.
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"Hey, folks!!! Thank you Raz Karmi (@razkarmi ) for hunting us)) We've launched 2.0 as with deep accuracy email validation platform. Proofy 2.0 is new verification algorithms, more accurate validation, maximum stabilization of the system to the loads, increased verification speed without loss of quality. Before we created the multithreading in the API validation process, much more customers ask about 100K files by API-validation and ask about expanding testing plan up to 500 checks and we did it))) Why Is Email Address Verification So Important? Most websites have forms asking for customer details, including an email address. While filling out such forms, it’s not uncommon for users to enter an incorrect email address – whether intentionally or by mistake. All those incorrect email addresses added to your lists will be inaccurate – and undeliverable. If you send emails to such addresses, the ratio of bounce-back emails will increase significantly. This bounce-back negatively impacts your mail server reputation, which is constantly monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, and other ISPs. If your IP address develops a poor reputation, it may get blacklisted by popular email services like Gmail and the like. Validating email addresses also helps you to maximize deliverability of your marketing campaign, and separates low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Go and take a look by yourself: and vote if you like it. It is completely free to try. You need to pay only and when you love what you’ve done. All PH community members get 50% OFF for PRO subscription with coupon: PROOFYPH50, once it is activated before September 6, 2019"
@razkarmi @shabatov BTW, everyone can use our Promo code for 35% -- R18HE27T35P1 -- and save money!!!!
Hi! Good job! I used Proofy-service for my lists a few months ago and I was very satisfied with the results, really nice and useful service for my small business. Thank you guys for great Promo-code! Have a nice day))
@zahid_dewi Thank you!! Have a nice day too))
Great app) and thank you for a discount
Great app and very lovely
@fadbay10 thank you!!! Have a nice day ))
Which one is the pro plan?
@jitendra_gursingh Look every paid plan is pro plan ( look at the price