A writing app to make you more creative

Prompts is a simple writing app that gets you writing prompts from reddit for you to practise writing on. Prompts can help you to get out of a writers' block or just give you some creative ideas. Prompts works by fetching posts from r/WritingPrompts
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Hi ProductHunt! I made Prompts to help all the writers out there to get creative and find new ideas. Prompts works by collecting posts from the r/WritingPrompts subreddit so that you complete the rest of the story. Prompts has a minimalistic UI and makes you wanna write more with its sleek editor. It has several options to add a timer and export your stories as well. Any feedback will be appreciated!
Amazing product!!!
Clean & simple UI, around a creative idea -- awesome stuff Sreeram!
Subin SibyGenZ, Hacker, Maker, FOSS
Simple and cool idea ! Perhaps a showcase of stories would be cool too!
OpenGPT-2 ?
@sarav1n No, no deep learning is involved. Just fetches posts from reddit. Although adding an AI prompt generator was one of my initial ideas. Maybe we can train a model with data from r/WritingPrompts
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