Automated small business marketing agency

PromoRepublic, a service for content and social media marketing automation for small and medium-sized businesses. With PromoRepublic, even a beginner can feel like a social media guru and create outstanding, effective and viral posts in social networks.
The service is based on a large template library which is used for generating content and posting to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. What differentiates PromoRepublic from other social media instruments is its template library for different industries and a smart suggestion engine that recommends to users what kind of post is optimal to publish on a given day. Recommendations are based on business type and context of the day such as the day of the week, season, holiday, weather or even a local internet trend. Stats with detailed information on each post and recommendations how to improve performance and reach new audiences are delivered to users’ mailboxes. Subscription to the service costs $30 per month.
great tool! are you guys planing to build a mobile app? I think a lot of smm is done on-the-go today
@alina_the_great Alina, yes we do. This is on our agenda for next month. We will have basic app that allows posting to Instagram​ this year and we plan full-blown app Q4 next year​!
@pecherskyy Sounds awesome! I like that
Happy to answer any questions and thanks for the support.