Alexis Riols@alexisriols · Senior Designer @Deezer 👀 🖍 📱 🖥 ⌚️
Presentation of Soli by Google
Vijay Raghavan@vijay · CEO, Bluemint Labs (bixi)
@alexisriols Checkout bixi - We are bringing the gesture experience already to the end consumers. Shipping before Christmas'2016.
Jonathan AMS@mrp1ng · Flamite - developper, design
@alexisriols too old for the site "of the best new products" no?
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar · Co-Founder, Shababeek
@alexisriols This video is so Apple, it almost has Johnny Ive in it...
Maximilian Alexander@mbalex99 · amazement
Technology in search of a problem
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@sandrojazzar @alexisriols if it had Johnny I've in it, it would be shipping, wouldn't it?
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@vijay @alexisriols I don't get why everyone is into crowfuding nowadays. It's supposed that entrepreneurs bear the risk to bring a product to market and are not supposed (allowed by market forces) to spread that risk over to their prospective clients by making then fund the venture in advance for a hat and a "discount". With the existing scheme the crowf… See more
Vijay Raghavan@vijay · CEO, Bluemint Labs (bixi)
@abetancort @alexisriols Well, at least with Bixi we are making sure that we start the production phases (already started now) and then do the campaign so that on-time delivery is guaranteed.
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@vijay @alexisriols My comment it was not about your company, but a more general appreciation of the intrinsic flaws of crowdfunding as we know it nowadays. I wish you the best. By the way using a crowfunding campaign as a mean to sell/market a deliverable is a marketing strategy, not a funding strategy, aimed at rising awareness, perception of scarcity, e… See more
Vijay Raghavan@vijay · CEO, Bluemint Labs (bixi)
@abetancort @alexisriols yes, fully agree.. it shouldn't be used as a funding source.. but mainly for awareness and proof-of-traction
Jessica Coane@jessica_coane · Founder, PEX+
@mbalex99 Remember, the customer doesn't know what it wants - you need to show it to them ;)
Michael M@wpbakery
@mrp1ng My first reaction was - wow! They launched it?!??!
Cosmin Băluţă@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
@vijay Vijay, cool product, but what got me excited is the device you show at "Focus only at the road" - the one showing the directions. Is that a real product? Thanks.
Vijay Raghavan@vijay · CEO, Bluemint Labs (bixi)
@cosminbaluta glad you liked bixi.. The heads up glass is from HUDWAY that when paired with Bixi turn your car into a connected car.
Mehmet Köse@mehmetkose · founder, fupio
@mbalex99 there is lots of problem about that. eq. VR controllers