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Hey all, Co-maker of Project Prescription here. Myself and Shauna Haider (@nubbytwiglet) have created a set of customizable, brand-able InDesign files for other designers to streamline their client processes from start to finish with. These are the documents + wording we've used in our 25 years of combined experience (which is like, 23,563 internet years) to land and keep clients and fill our waiting lists for months in advance. If you're curious, there are some free samples to snag and look at, and I can answer any questions here. It's what the design doctor ordered :)
Paul knows his shit! If you're a freelance designer this is a must have!
@markoxvee Thanks Marko!
Wow this is crazy useful! Consulting wizardry in a box.
@clarkvalberg Thanks Clark! ✨(that's the closest emoji to "wizardry", haha)
This is just too awesome to be true! This is a high-value consulting toolkit *right there* in your hands!
This is a great way to scale up your client work in a consistent way. This will make you stand out to clients amount the sea of other designers they may be getting quotes from as well.
@thebluestripe Sweet, thanks Rich!