Portfolio generator for developers

By connecting your GitHub account, Profiled generates a well-designed portfolio site in seconds that can be deployed to the web or exported. Spend your time working on projects instead and let Profiled help you show them off.
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is there a way to test this just using public repos? the first permissions grant seems to request access to all my private repos too - meaning basically all my sekret sauces! I'd like to see the benefit on just open source/public repos first.
Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina. Profiled is a portfolio site generator for developers. Many developers, especially earlier in their career, are asked to show a portfolio or examples of their projects. Profiled helps you meet this requirement without spending all of your time putting the website together.
Sweet! I'd the part where you are also trying to help the developers to better describe our projects (the choices/grinds/results), and the codes!! And the app screenshots! And the links to commits in OSS! Hitting all the most important points that makes a good portfolio. I thought of building a similar one, with the project-first approach. I asked around my friends about what they look for in a portfolio from employer's perspective, and this is my favorite comment from a CTO of a tech startup in my country. Hope it helps ;) ``` Couple of things I'd like to see: 1. Explainers on each project they've worked on, ideally with: - code - screenshots If don't have, it's also fine, but there should at least be a description of who was the target user for the project they built, and how they went about building to solve the problem 2. Section on internships and work experience, with as detailed as possible description of what they did. Nothing is too small, if they spent 3 weeks during their break helping a friend to set up LAN network for a CC, or their uncle / aunt business set up email, that also counts. 3. Section on life goals. What they want to achieve in 1, 3, and 5 years time. 4. Section on the kind of problems they like working on. These would be the kind of problems / challenges they care deeply about. ```