Sell your WordPress content using Gumroad

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The inspiration for this project came after I launched my course. The course platform I was using was expensive. I was being charged $130 / month + 4% of course sales + transaction fees! Since August I've had to pay $1,288.00 to that service. If I'd used Productify, I would have paid only $39. ;) What I really wanted was to host my course myself on WordPress, but sell it using Gumroad. When I shared the idea with @twigpress he had an idea of how he could build it (without using a SaaS backend). So we did! This was a 7 day Build & Launch experiment for my podcast as well.
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@twigpress @mijustin Why did you choose Gumroad as the platform, instead of Stripe?
@hrishio A lot of product makers love Gumroad for their checkout experience and product delivery. We wanted to offer a way to package WordPress content in a way to leverage another great product :)
@twigpress @mijustin Heck ya, I can't wait to give this a go - this plugin is sorely needed!
Really excited about this. Now, I just need to write a course to sell.
Love it! Congrats on getting it out so quickly.
Looks slick! I'd love to see some screenshots right on the page, without having to watch the video.
@coreymaass thanks Corey. We're launching this super lean, and we're still working on getting a proper website up. ;) I'll post a few shots in a minute.
@coreymaass @mijustin still need some more screenshots :)
I like the video! Good job @twigpress @mijustin.