Simple Task Management Software for Teams

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hi everyone, cool to see my former startup on Product Hunt, happy to help answer any question about Producteev!
Anyone actually use this tool? Would love to hear some feedback or comparison to other task management tools
@acondurache Ditto. Been on Trello for a while and love it.
@acondurache it's very simple and easy for teams, the only issue is Android app can't work offline , it always need internet
@AnujAdhiya Trello is nice, but if it used for team work, each member can't have his own view to see his tasks only :(
@ya3mro If every member has their own board (which has lists for to do/doing/done) - that's effectively a view to see their own tasks. Everyone on the team can have access to the board if they ever want to see details of what each member is up to.
@AnujAdhiya @ya3mro If you like Trello and want more filtering options so someone can see just their tasks, you might want to check out the Filter Cards feature --- this allows them toggle to view just what they are assigned to. Here's a quick screencast to explain - But if you mean a private dashboard where they can't see the rest of the work on the project, that's true you'd have to go more the way @Anujadhiya mentioned and separate into user dashboards but that can make managing a project very confusing. I haven't used Producteev for any real work so can't comment beyond signing to trial it out a some time ago. If you like Trello -- ( ) is also a well respected more feature rich tool with a similar kanban style interface to Trello. Happy to connect to talk more if I can help