A beautifully designed Jira alternative for product teams

ProductBeat is a modern Jira alternative for lean product teams. No messy Trello boards or custom Jira workflows. Streamlined, intuitive backlog flow, release timeline, lightning-fast search, native desktop apps. Best practices only.
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Hi, Product Hunt! We're the makers behind ProductBeat, a new lean Jira alternative that we're humbled to finally show off to all you hunters! We want to bring a new product to those who struggle with Jira and other tools that just don't feel right for everyday work life. ProductBeat is one of those apps that feel very simple from the get go, and also works great as you scale up. ProductBeat comes with zero custom workflow configuration and zero hassle: we've designed our modern UI around tried-and-true software development practices to overcome the common frustrations that product teams struggle with over and over again. No more! Features: - Intuitive unified backlog view to get you started in no time - Fully automated rolling release timeline - Make a development plan for every issue with subtasks - Simple cross-team navigation and your personal todo list in one place - great for people with multiple teams - Lightning-fast search across all your projects - Free for small teams, low flat fee for bigger teams Read all about it and sign up with your team for free at Can't wait to hear your feedback - much love 🙏
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@eiskis pretty neat Jerry. Defibrillator taking it for a spin.
Nice, is there a Kanban board also for sprints?
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@haroon Hi! Right now ProductBeat works best for continuous flow, but if you do sprints I'd recommend planning your next sprint under "Ready for development", and using milestones to mark each sprint in the backlog. We see so many issues with the traditional column layout in the wild that we're probably not introducing it, even though of course it's something many users are used to right now. For releasing, we recommend rolling releases, and using subtasks to plan release activities per story. Once you release a story, your release timeline will reflect the releases as your users experienced them (we're adding proper versioning for mobile apps later). We also intro docs to using milestones and making development plans here: - let us know how it works, schedule a demo or jump over to our support chat and we're happy to show you the ropes :)
I'm in the market for a alternative to Jira and Portfolio, but I think we really enjoy the "rhythm" of sprints, and would like that our tools support our process. We also have a separation between done and released for our ios+Android team. We also estimate the complexity of features, which is really handy for planning out the next weeks and months.
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@hauthorn That's good feedback, thanks! When it comes to estimates, we're still working on both manual and automated solution for estimation and planning. For sprints, we don't have explicit support yet, but especially if you release continuously then our milestones might work well for you. Totally understand it might not be quite there yet for you guys, but would appreciate the feedback over our support chat if you decide to try it out.
@hauthorn We use and love ZenHub. They have a slick way of managing milestones, epics, releases. Simple and powerful reporting. It's also great because everything lives in GitHub and you can connect stories to PRs. So far my favorite alternative.
This looks 🔥 planning on giving this a spin!
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Design looks awesome. Giving it a try 👍
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