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Hey all! I built an easy way to get the top hunts DM’ed directly to your slack. I built the boy after I saw @rrhoover's tweet about wanting to have integration with Slack last week. After a quick email with Ryan and gathering his thoughts, I built a bot that delivers a daily DM of hunts over 100 votes. Let me know your thoughts and if you run into any problems. Also a small shameless plug… I’m seeking a product role with an awesome startup!
@hellobrent This is great, just installed. Would love to be able to control the amount of upvotes threshold a la Digg Deeper or
Is there a need to request so many permissions? "Read your Slack messages and files." Thanks!
This is awesome, @hellobrent. Thoughts on giving people the option to push these updates to a specific Slack channel? Any other plans to add more features? P.S. we should create a page listing new Product Hunt-integrated app ideas. 😀
@hellobren @rrhoover So much yes for a specific channel, please do.
@arturkiulian @rrhoover awesome thanks guys! I like these ideas! I didn't have any plans for new features but all this feedback is great!
Cool! Similar to @rrhoover's comment, have you thought about making a slash command integration like "/producthunt blah" to get all hunts mentioning "blah"? That makes it more proactive to the workflow and could be useful in conversations.
@buster ohh I think that idea! Good thinkin!
Awesome. That is all.