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#2 Product of the MonthMarch 2019
An up-to-date list of 250+ free product management templates and resources, hand-picked and categorized for easy access, all in one place. You’ll find free resources and templates from your favorite document apps including G Suite, Airtable, Coda, Notion, Trello, Tettra, Slite and others.
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👋Hi Product Hunt Community! We built this directory of product management resources to help product people get more done faster. Our goal is to create one place for high quality templates designed to help product managers save time on their day to day efforts. We hand picked each and every one of these :) I’m super thankful to all the people who created these amazing templates and all the modern document apps they were built with. Tools like Airtable, Coda and Notion have so much potential to make our lives easier! Eager to hear your thoughts. Are we missing any of your favorite templates? You can make suggestions using the “Suggest a resource” button on the sidebar or comment below.
Being a Product person (geek), this is a really exciting launch for me 🤩 I’m on the hunt for templates at least a couple times a month. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve all the Product work we do at my companies. Even when people ask me for product development advice, half the time, I end up referring them to a template they can use to help solve their problem 🤷‍♂️ At FYI we thought that every Product person could benefit from having one place to find the best Product Management resources and templates, no matter which tool they prefer to use. So, we decided to take on this task. We searched all over the Internet to find the best resources and put them all in one place 💪 Let us know what you think and especially what’s missing for you. We’re planning on iterating quite a bit.
Ask anyone on the FYI team and they’ll tell you about my not-so-secret love for documents, structure and process. Naturally, you can guess why this collection of Product Management templates and resources is like my dream come true. I can find everything I need in one place, to help us get better at shipping Product. And now you can too. We’re going to be adding more templates to this directory regularly, so please let us know if you have any favorite templates that we should include 🙏
@enthusiausted That's awesome! Thank you for compiling this list. Missing maybe the ones from Slite @christophepas
Apparently they've been added 😉 congrats on the launch @hnshah @enthusiausted 👏
Yup, we've added them :) Thank you both! @borisandcrispin @christophepas
Incredibly useful tool from a top maker 👍 what’s there not to like!
This is fantastic! Thanks for building this great resource, and thanks for including Tettra! Can't wait to use some of these other ones.
Amazing! Thanks so much for this
Incredible resource. Hiten has a knack to find and curate the best of the best. Thanks Hiten!