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Free guide on how to launch a product like a pro 😎

#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 26, 2019
Here are the 5 things you'll learn within the guide:

πŸ”­ Finding a problem and determining the MVP.
πŸ›  Getting in-sync with all the teams.
πŸ“’ Building buzz for the launch.
βœ… A good product launch checklist.
πŸ‘‹ The importance of user onboarding.
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Hello Hunters! πŸ‘‹ A few months ago, we came up with the idea of writing a simple and free guide for the Product family. This resource will reveal our secrets to launching products like a pro β€” Because we want to help you get there too! For us, sharing is caring πŸ™‚ and that’s why we put this guide together. Inside, you'll find the 5 phases of every successful product: - How to find the problem: the itch you want to scratch. - How to keep on track with all the different teams and avoid bad planning. - The art of building some marketing buzz. - The ultimate launch checklist. If you are thinking "What could go wrong?" We have the case study of No Man's Sky - Uh-oh, how disappointed we were! - The importance of a User Onboarding process, and what the future holds. Want to discover how to skyrocket your product? Then download our free guide πŸš€ Product Phases has been brought to you by Product School and UserGuiding ❀️⚑️ And thank you @neerajt4 for the hunt!
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@osman_kocs All the best Osman! :)
It is great how this book's solely aim is to discuss the specifics of successfully launching a product. Most businesses today need this kind of guidance from expert product and product marketing managers. Looking forward to read this one!
Amazing insights from a unique team. Keep up the awesome work guys
@reinventgrowth thank you a lot!
Great content every product manager and team has to read!
Some visuals teasing what the guide contains and what to expect would be great
@david_katic1 Thanks David for your reply! We've edited the description part, now it includes what the 5 parts are about. Hope you enjoy the guide!