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Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
Hey PH,

Thanks for the hunt @ericwillis. I'm extending the concept of Pricing Pages with Product Pages, a curated list of the best product pages.

New feature: You can browse by category if you need a more specific inspiration.

Feel free to contribute in the comments!
Hugo Fauquenoi — growth @todoist 🚀
@tchret @ericwillis Thomas is on fire, your defence is terrified!
Nicolas Gutierrez — WebDev @ PS and Founder of
@tchret nice one!
Felix Tarcomnicu — Co-Founder of Cross.Promo
@tchret @ericwillis Nice, Thomas. Great list.
Damien Tsnkff — Recept
Love this x-pages thing.
When you say "the best product pages" Did you choose them only because of their design or because of their effectiveness ? (example: Landing Page -> conversion rate, Pricing page -> plan selection, Support page -> resolution rate)
If by effectiveness, I'd love to see some data :)

Keep up the good work 👍
Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
@tsnkff Hello Damien, I've made Product Pages & Pricing Pages this week-end. Right now it's curated by hand, with my own judgement, but it may evolve over time (:
Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
@tsnkff you should like Store Pages 📦
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