Product Insights for Slack (by productboard)

Capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from Slack


Your Slack channels are full of valuable product ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues who work with prospects and customers all day every day. Put those insights to use! Capture them in productboard so you’ll know exactly what to build next.

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23 Reviews5.0/5

The ProductBoard team is awesome and does a great job of listening to feedback and incorporating that into their own roadmap. This latest integration is another example of their thoughtful implementation.


Great way to feed insights into your ProductBoard inbox from your Slack community


The way that certain bot integrations work with Slack may cause difficulties in getting that info imported into ProductBoard.

Product management teams are typically shoe horned into using development focused tools like Jira that actually *hurt* their productivity and do not enable decision making in large product orgs. This app fills a lot of the gaps that exist in the product management tool suite today and helps you inform product strategy using both qualitative and quantitative feedback from your customers. If you're looking for an edge over the competition that will allow you to make decisions and execute faster as a product organization you really need to take productboard for a spin. Thanks PB!


Such a great tool for product managers and now the integration with Slack makes it all the more powerful as a communication hub. Thanks PB!


This slack integration gets rid of the biggest con in my book. Well done :D