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#5 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2016

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About two weeks ago I posted my course on how to build a viral prelaunch campaign The course focuses on customizing open source code built by Harry’s Shave Club to prelaunch their brand and go from 0 to 100k subscribers in one week. I’d worked for a few weeks to get the course ready for Product Hunt and was excited for the release. I shared the course with a friend and, thinking they were helping me out, they posted the course to Product Hunt before it was ready… I was able to get it down but if I hadn’t been paying attention I would have completely blown my Product Hunt launch. So, a couple of friends and I built Product Hunt Watch so that you never miss your product’s one-time release on ProductHunt. Just enter your email and the url of your product and we’ll send you a notification if/when it gets featured.
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This is a great idea. Just signed up. Just don't start selling our emails to PH marketing firms :)
@carterdea Ha ha we won't! Stoked to learn more about what you're making. When do you think it will be ready?
@afkehaya we're just testing it right now to get some feedback and get the kinks out. So probably another week or two!
@carterdea Cool. Let me know when it's ready. Would love to test it out and happy to hunt it for you if you'd like/when ready.
@afkehaya DM me on twitter and I'll send you the app (provided you can't just see it on your backend, haha)
What need is an in-built feature to take down a post about a startup that doesn't want to be featured on producthunt yet .. Alot of people just go ahead posting stuff on PH like people asked them and its getting annoying. One investor posted our product on PH even though we had the "PLEASE DON'T HUNT ME YET" logo in the center of the website. I just don't get the whole posting. @rrhover should do something about this . Alot of people are getting pissed off about this including me! Peace out @maker, thanks for this !!
Seems cool idea. Seen so many startups who were not aware when the product got posted.
@leanux_bala Yeah that's what I thought too. Hopefully they find the tool useful!
Great idea ! Does your system recognize exactly the URL the user entered in the "product URL" field ? Or any URL of the same domain ? Imagine someone posted : and you entered, will it be detected ? :)