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Product Hunt isn't just for window shopping — every day people try, download, and buy things from the site. We recently asked the community if they’ve purchased something they discovered through Product Hunt. Nearly 50% of them recalled buying something, from a $2.99 theSkimm monthly subscription to a $299 Autonomous Desk. Like most things we’ve built (e.g. Collections, ShareMeow), we wanted to make it easier for the community to do things they’re already doing. As of today, you can buy things you discover on Product Hunt without leaving the site and makers can sell cool things they’ve made in the Shop. We’re starting with a few (awesome) partners, including this crazy durable umbrella from GE + Blunt and a Product Hunt Swag Pack (after heavy demand). Everything that’s available is in the Shop. We’re eager for your feedback and if you’re interested in selling your product in the Shop, let us know. 😀 P.S. We’re only able to sell and ship within the U.S. to start (it gets more complicated once we have to report taxes in numerous countries), which is a bummer knowing roughly half the community lives outside the states. We’re eager to make it available in more places soon.
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@rrhoover Get out of your tents, the doors are open
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@rrhoover A must have. I wonder how the shipping works? I saw different standard of shipping. Some of them are free and fast, and some costs $5 and slow.
@rrhoover @bentossell Neat! Im buying the Oristand :)
@rrhoover GIVE US ALL THE MERCH (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@andmitsch @rrhoover think Rhianna's work song, but 'merch, merch, merch, merch, merch'
oh yes! this is amazing!
@neuling2k ok you win me over with that giphy
"The Shop is one small step for Product Hunt, and one giant leap for #GIFcommerce." —Me
@nivo0o0 - Michael Scott :P
YES! I've already bought! I can almost hear my account balances crying. 🙌
@as_austin crying with joy?
@bentossell Hahah you could say that! 😉
this is so great!
@jollife thanks Johannes!