Product Hunt Regular

Product Hunt minus the technical products, once a week

I've been curating PH for friends and family for the last few months, highlighting just the products that non-technical people can use. It's remarkably few considering the volume each week, typically 15-20 in total!
very cool, derek. love the idea -- signed up!
@smalter Thanks a bunch Walter. People seem to really dig the cherry-picking of product they can understand versus the ones they can't. :)
As a non-technical hunter, I'm really into this idea.
@wikipetera thanks - always happy to hear feedback on the batches we send out each week. Including which day you'd prefer getting those batches. Any preference?
Shoot, could something like the sneakerbox subscription go in there?
@turneycreative I add nearly every product that's on Product Hunt in the week which doesn't require much technical know-how to the PHR email. So no mockup apps, or android simulators, or coding tools. On today's list of products, @snoopdogg's vape would make the digest this week, as an example.