Product Hunt Maker Stories - Nick Quah

Podcast about podcasts w/ podcast connoisseur Nick Quah

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Just listened to this, lots of great podcast recommendations in this episode. Also jumped on the Hot Pod Newsletter, looking forward to discovering new episodes to listen to.
@bdougieyo including Longform, Sex Nerd Sandra, Call Your Girlfriend cc @aaronlammer @annefriedman
As Brian Douglas points out - lots of great podcast recommendations. Surprised that 99% Invisible is not mentioned, the storytelling in their podcasts is just amazing, but we all know that i guess:)
Really enjoyed chatting with @rrhoover, @eriktorenberg, and @nwquah about the future of podcasts on this episode! Still can't believe Nick listens to 25+ hours of podcasts a week. What a beast!
Haha, @nwquah is a machine. I have to point out that this is the most meta post on Product Hunt yet. A podcast about podcasts by (some of) the people behind Product Hunt Podcasts on Product Hunt podcasts.
@rrhoover @alexcartaz we should probably have a podcast on the topic