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Since Product Hunt started, it’s been a place for makers to geek out with their audience, get feedback, and share their story directly with the community but it’s always been limited to a product launch event. For the last few weeks we’ve been scheduling an awesome lineup of founders, investors, authors, game creators, entertainers, and makers in preparation for today’s launch. Aileen Lee, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Horowitz, B.J. Novak, Casey Neistat, Chris Sacca, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jacob Jaber, Nas, Tony Robbins, Veronica Belmont, and some of the most diehard Product Hunt community members along with over 100 others. Check out the full schedule. Like a modern day founder, I wrote more about Product Hunt LIVE on Medium. 😉 Please let us know who you’d like to do a text-based LIVE Chat (tag them in the comments below). P.S. BIG thanks to the team for staying up late last night to squash some pesky bugs. 🙌
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@rrhoover So a couple of ambitious ones: Elon Musk & Ed Catmull 😉 Joel Gascoigne & Josh Pigford would be good too 👍
@rrhoover Yup. This is awesome! Product Hunt + AMA's = I'm pretty sure I just subscribed to about 20+ of these. @erictwillis is on there!! http://www.producthunt.com/live/...
I'm very excited for this. I love AMAs!
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@erictwillis I'm looking forward to your AMA :) Just subscribed.
@erictwillis I just subscribed to so many. Need a "subscribe to all" button for AMA junkies like me.
Product Hunt TV 🙏🏾
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@kingsleyharris LIVE Chats will be entirely text based but I'm excited to experiment with video. 😉
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@rrhoover Years ago I worked for an Idealab company PeopleLink. We used to have a studio and do live text chat (the first to do this on the internet at the time) with celebrities such as Madonna, Stan Lee, etc. It was hugely popular and people really enjoyed the interactions. Extending to video/audio has some benefits as people can passively participate/listen/watch while doing other tasks and then jump into a text/chat area. The people you have on your schedule is impressive. Very nicely done. I look forward to these live events.
@rrhoover Would love to get you and @ariroisman together in Silicon Valley to discuss a potential way to use Glide for video Q&As. Of course, I think he'd be a good future PH Live guest as well ;)
@rrhoover Congratulations for PH Live! We should talk - Live Q&A on Facebook is one of NomadCast's best use cases - would work great on PH :)
💯protips. add .ics to the end of any LIVE url to get it for iCal. Or add /gcal to the URL to get it for google calendar. (more coming soon!!!) www.producthunt.com/live/gary-va... www.producthunt.com/live/gary-va... (these links are also in the email you get immediately after subscribing) cc @zkahn94
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Where's @rrhoover in the lineup? 😜
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@imscott That should have been the first one! haha