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We’ve been in private beta, gathering feedback from some awesome members of the PH community for about 6 weeks (thanks for keeping this a secret, guys!). Today Product Hunt Games, our first new category, is open to everyone. @russfrushtick, co-founder of the awesome Polygon, has joined the team to make PH Games kicks. Oh, and you may have noticed, we made some pretty significant design changes too. 😉 Please! Send us your feedback/thoughts/crazy ideas. ❤️
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@rrhoover Here's a crazy idea: A credit feature like on Quora where you can ask a certain Product Hunt user their thoughts or to comment on your product by spending credit. Sometimes makers want to hear a certain persons opinion. The credit would be accumulated based on the quality of content they provide to the site, ensuring a valuable creator could get valuable opinions.
@rrhoover this is awesome, are you planning to upgrade the API ?
@jsneedles @hosmelq Yup, API update is coming for sure! We'll just start with adding a category filter to https://api.producthunt.com/v1/d... - anything else you think would be useful?
@danoliverlandy - interesting idea! To be honest, we DO want to encourage more thoughtful/relevant discussion but I'm not sure I like Quora's "ask ___ a question" feature. When I'm asked a question, it doesn't feel genuine when the "Quora machine" makes it one button click to request and it also feels like someone's giving me work. I'd like to explore or a more authentic way of accomplishing the same goal.
Please give us feedback on both games/product! Also upvote this if you want to be in a slack w fellow gamers Special shoutout to those in NYC last night for the meetup, and to those throwing upcoming ones!
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@eriktorenberg Hey Erik. Really nice redesign! Kudos to the whole team. I did notice that the top 11 from each day are now showing, vs. top 10. Wasn't sure if that was by design... [As a side note, in slack chat this morning, someone was asking about geographic filtering so they wouldn't be disappointed if clicking on an app/service that wasn't available in their country.]
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover kind of a bummer I have to login via Twitter when I open the page in the PH iOS app. You can't detect that I'm already signed in to PH?
@prattarazzi That issue with 11 vs 10 is a bug an will be fixed shortly - good catch :)
@eriktorenberg Fantastic. I remember the first time you referenced gaming in Slack... and that was only a couple months ago. And look at it now :) Is there an award for best Internet Community? Can we create one and nominate Product Hunt?
Oh snap, I'm a maker now! Here's my long-winded journey of coming to PH: https://medium.com/@RussFrushtic... Let me know if you have any questions for me!
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I can't think of a better extension for ProductHunt than games. They're constantly changing, with a few blockbusters every now and then... but tons of little guys that get overlooked. PH can now spotlight them, just as it has done for tech Products! And to launch it alongside this beautiful redesign is simply perfection... A couple questions for @rrhoover & team: Will past games be migrated to the games section? Will there be cross-posting? Lots of games have done well on the PH front page in the past... will they be excluded from this opportunity from now on?
@jsneedles Games that appeared on Product Hunt proper can re-appear once in the Games channel. We're cool with that since it's a slightly different audience.
@russfrushtick @jsneedles Awesome, that's what I was curious about. But what about going forward... can something be posted to both Games & Tech on the same day? And welcome Russ!! :D
@jsneedles No, that shouldn't happen. Stuff that's specific to games (games, game hardware or game products) go in games. Other stuff in tech. There may be some weird edge cases where it's less clear but for the most part if it has to do specifically with games, that's where it goes.