Product Hunt Game

Try to predict how successful a product will be

Do you think you can predict how successfull a product will be?
Try to guess the number of upvotes of random Product Hunt products.
You can also hunt for random products.
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The Product Hunt Game was created for the Makers Festival "API Edition". I will be happy, if you try it out and vote for it if you find it interesting.
I would suggest you filter out projects with less than a certain threshold of points. I would consistently score over 4700 (my best being in the high 4800s) by just guessing 4 or 5 without looking. Fun idea, just needs a bit of refinement!
@chris_germano Good point. I wanted to pick from the whole variety of products including those that have just a few upvotes, but you are right that most products do not reach more than 5 upvotes. I am just thinking about partitioning the products by the number of upvotes into 5 groups and choose 1 product randomly from each group. Thank you for such a great suggestion Chris.
@janzikan Good thinking, that could work with the right randomization. I don't know how much work it would be, but it could be fun to have a mode where you see five products and five scores and you need to match them all. Just a thought. Good luck!
@chris_germano Great idea. Unfortunately this would require a lot of changes, so maybe I will implement this as alternative version of this game.
@janzikan All good! Just sharing my two cents (if you really perfect the gameplay you could even abstract it to work with additional sites eg. Reddit). Anyway, good luck!