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BIG day today. I’m proud to announce our funding today and launch of our iOS app. Several weeks ago @davidkmckinney, an active Product Hunt user*, offered to build an iOS app. Gladly I responded with a figurative “hell yeah”. Although I know David’s embarrassed by the current build (because he sees all its flaws and opportunity to improve the app), he’s done an AMAZING job with the design and development. Well done, and thanks everyone for the feedback during the design process (annotated mockup here). *With one exception, everyone working on Product Hunt began as avid users of the product before they reached out to me to join the team. I’m super fortunate.
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@rrhoover Congrats Ryan & team :)
@rrhoover Congrats, Ryan. It has been fun watching Product Hunt grow into what it is today. I'm sure you have some amazing things planned for PH and I can't wait to participate in them! (*cough* Games Hunt *cough* :))
@rrhoover huge congrats! this day is very well deserved, enjoy it :)
@nbashaw you started it all.
Hello home screen!.... super pumped! Well done team!
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@jtriest your feedback has helped so much already. Keep sending me feedback. I'll keep making fixes : )
@davidkmckinney quick and slick... well done @davidmckinney!
@jtriest haha that was the first thing I did too (=
No cat GIFs. ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
@cdevroe noted. I will hide one in the next build.
@cdevroe hahah ... amazing
@davidkmckinney :-) Of course, I kid I kid. Excellent stuff all around.
@cdevroe I may not be kidding.
This has been so much fun to work on with the team. So excited about Product Hunt and all the things to come.
@davidkmckinney And it has been great to beta test the app for the last few weeks! Happy this day is finally here and we get to show this to everyone :)
@kwdinc Proxima Nova, just like the web version. It's great.
@davidkmckinney congrats! Incredible first iteration, and the story behind it is the epitome of ProductHunt!
Awesome job guys! The pull-to-refresh animation is AWESOME. I wish you could swipe back to get to the list and upvote comments, though.
@lachlanjc ok. great feedback. I can add that : )