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This morning we launched Product Hunt Collections, a simple way to bookmark and curate collections of products. This is by far the most requested feature (here's some evidence!). :) Great work @shaunmodi and @stephnbain on the UX/design and @andreasklinger and @rstankov on the 1's and 0's. To create a collection, simply click this icon on the homepage or product pages: I shared more details in this blog post and we have some nice improvements planned but I'd love to hear everyone's feedback/ideas. Craziest ideas get a digital high five from yours truly. :)
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Been waiting for this feature for a long time. I will be creating a ton of collections this weekend :)
This is great new addition :) Good work PH team!
@shaunmodi @stephnbain @andreasklinger @rstankov @rrhoover This looks very well rolled out! Great work guys!
@rrhoover Sort of crazy idea... Clearly there are products that are NOT on PH that other people may be using/like. I think if collections also included those, say, in their own tab of "other non-PH cool stuff I like/use", that would greatly expand the utility of the collections/interactions between members who want to find out more about how someone uses xyz etc.
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Awesome! The idea of this was the main reason I became excited about PH. First collection : Apps for Lazy People and Companies http://www.producthunt.com/stonl... + Would be great to have sharing links in the collection page. + Link updates (with legacy fall back) when changing the collection name. Similar to how Eventbrite handles name / link changes. + Upvoting of lists and lists of lists would be nice
I created two collections: * Product Manager toolkit (tools & resources for PMs to kick ass!) http://www.producthunt.com/byosk... * Products I Wish Were in Canada (Don't forget us in Canada, eh?) http://www.producthunt.com/byosk... Enjoyed creating them and it was easy to do. Some feedback (echoed previously, I think): * Being able to add to a collection from search results would be nice * Some form of (vanity!) metrics on views, upvotes that show you that your collection is being used/appreciated * Possibly: sorting inside the collection (so you can put certain things at top) * Possibly: allow people to make suggestions (although this can get irritating quickly)
@byosko Good feedback. Thanks Ben!
@byosko great suggestions! and I created a list of PM tools too
@kaz Nice! I added Google Docs from your list. There are a bunch of good ones there too but I don't use them as much. It was interesting that Balsamiq didn't seem to be on PH, I use that regularly for low fidelity mockups/sketches.
Love it. Started one on London apps (shamlessly: http://www.producthunt.com/joost...). Have you thought about how, if I wanted to add a product that's not on the site already, it could let me add it to a collection without necessarily having been approved? Although... now that I typed that out, I can see how collections of unvetted product might devalue the highly curated value/impression of PH.
@joostschuur great question, Joost! We are planning to allow people to hunt any product and add it to a collection but to your point, we have to be very thoughtful in how we role this out. That said, there's a big opportunity here to increase the usefulness of Product Hunt and as more people bookmark and curate products, we have more data to play with. :)
@rrhoover Just noticed that's in your Medium post too. Looking forward to seeing this one evolve then. Including figuring out how others can recommend products to your own list (and having join curators on a list).
Started one of Chicago products: http://www.producthunt.com/eric3... Two feature requests that come to mind: 1) Export collection to CSV (would help me organize meetups easily). 2) Notifications when the product I made is added to a collection - thinking this is for makers, but there's a case for hunters too
@eric3000 we have yet to trigger notifications to makers when people take actions on the product. This could be adding to a collection like you suggest, or upvoting, commenting, etc.
@eric3000 You're missing Ocean in that collection ;) http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@eric3000 Anything ever come of this Export thought?
Love this feature @rrhoover, looking forward to see how you incorporate adding products that aren't already on Product Hunt...I have so many games and photography apps that haven't already been submitted.
@imsctt YES! I touched on this above: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...