Product Hunt API (beta)

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This is so exciting. A call to my fellow nerds out there: The official PH API is live and ready to use. A lot of you already build awesome stuff upon our platform. Let's see if we can take this to the next level :)
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@andreasklinger congrats on shipping! I know you've put a ton of hours into this :)
I wrote a bit about this a few weeks ago. I'm continually surprised how fast things are being built. Here's a collection of apps built by the Product Hunt community. I'm excited to see this list grow. What product ideas do you all have? We should probably start a RFP (request for products), a la YC's RFS (request for startups). :)
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The first use of the API that I'd love to see? A way to search for products based on "Who is this product for?" We'd probably need to crowdsource the data, but being able to accurately search for products who are for 'UX designer', 'Mechanic', 'Quadcopter owner', or 'Parent' etc. will be super-fricking powerful stuff. No one lets me do this right now. Thoughts?
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Is there a place where we can take a look at the API (design) itself?
@__tosh The api docs are yet only available to api developers - i sent you a copy
Really cool to see the amount of stuff people are building with this in such a short time. Just don't do a twitter, @rrhoover!