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A cool thing down the road may be to opt in to getting notified when products hit x# of upvotes. If PH ever adds category tagging, opting in to notifications of category-specific products could be interesting as well (ex. sports, news, podcasting, etc)
@_ryangilbert +1 on both ideas
@_ryangilbert great ideas, Ryan. More active people (like myself), are encountering notification fatigue, largely because of the abundance of upvotes. Grouping these into "milestones" makes a lot of sense.
@rrhoover I can't even imagine what your notification feed looks like! haha But I think as long as most of the notifications are optional to the user, it's a win-win.
I'm now inspired to follow more people in order to bolster my feed. Loving it! Is there a Chrome extension?
@annaroubos we have a fairly simple Chrome Extension but it lacks notifications and a lot of other functionality we'd like to provide. @jonnotie created mockups for a much-improved extension that we're working on now. It's going to be awesome. πŸ˜„
@chrismessina here's a sneak peek: My favorite part: search πŸ˜‰
@rrhoover hmm, yeah. I need to bake native PH search into my Alfred workflow. I use it dozens of times a day already.
I'd like to know if the founder gets in the comments for something I voted on.
@christoy I hadn't thought of that one! I like it. Any other notification types tickle your fancy?
@rrhoover If Ryan comments on something you posted :)
META. Comment here to test it out!
There's a little orange dot that is next to Activity for new notifications, is that the only indicator for new notifications/activity now? Any thoughts about an on screen notification in the top right, a la the built in OS X notifications? Also, hot keys to switch between Home, Activity, and Collections (would make me feel bad ass, like hitting "/" for search). Activity's orange underline is missing when I'm on the Activity page.
@thomasmeagher you can still use the old shortcut "n" back from notifications to show your activity.