Product Hunt 4.0 for Mobile is faster, simpler, and more informative. The was rewritten from scratch, available on iOS and (finally!) Android. Enjoy. 😸

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Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve made updates to mobile. Today we’re releasing a new member to the Product Hunt app family – an Android app. The app was rewritten and designed for simplicity and speed to make it easier to stay up-to-date on the day’s new product launches. We hope you enjoy it and please add your feedback and feature ideas here. Also if you’d like early access to new builds, subscribe to our Ship page - 😸
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@devladinci any plans for iPhone X? 😬
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@devladinci @prokotasic It's optimized for iPhone X! -Sent from iPhone X
@devladinci Android onboarding still has a typo, "friedly" instead of "friendly"
@devladinci Also, still showing the wrong cards when clicked (Android, Google Pixel)
@banada Ah I know, this is an issue with ReactNative's flat list.
I have been testing this app for some time now. Its 🔥. Only thing missing is night mode.
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@ameerahmed oooh, neat idea. 🌚
@ameerahmed Will be added! Love the idea!

I am waiting for the update when there will be feature to track, ask and respond to the question as in web version!




1. The social login still redirects to the browser for logging in.

2. No option to scroll to the top in one click.

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Are you on iOS? Than as always clicking on the status bar brings you to the top of a list. :)
Is there no way to add products to our saved lists via the mobile app? Can't seem to find it.
@hrbrt not yet but this is one of the things we want to add asap as many use the mobile app to "bookmark" things they want to check out later, sometimes on their desktop.
@rrhoover Thanks. I tried submitting this via the TestFlight email but it told me the address you folks supply in the app doesn't exist.
@hrbrt uh-oh! Can you please confirm which email you tried to email?
Thank you for making this app! I have been using it on my Android since a few weeks, and I absolutely love the design! The wait was worth it. 😻