Ethan Sebban@ethansbbn
@rrhoover Would love to have a clutter free version like this Without that black carousel... See more
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@ethansbbn good thoughts! Others have same the same thing. We're seeing good engagement with the banners and it gives us an opportunity to add more visual interest to the site, but we're still evaluating if we should keep it.
Louis Galipeau@muloka · Product Manager / DJ
@ethansbbn @rrhoover Maybe have a preference you can toggle in your account settings?
Josh Muccio@joshmuccio ·
@rrhoover You should turn those banners into popups 😂 Then you'd see engagement skyrocket! jkjk I agree with @ethansbbn, perhaps you could create a smaller version of the banner that sits at the top of the sidebar and automatically scrolls every couple of seconds.
Ravi Vadrevu@raviformative · Founder of Kriya AI
@rrhoover @ethansbbn - Banners could come in between the feed like sponsored items. Just a thought!
Jonathan Barnette@cublu · Owner, iCandy
@muloka @ethansbbn @rrhoover And if you are adding preferences, allow someone to default their page Category (ie. "Tech"), if they wish!!! It's still my first click each visit.
Cody@rdbrdd · Owner of Redbearded
@ethansbbn @rrhoover I have modified my CSS to look like this when I visit. I miss the original version of Product hunt that was so simple...