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All the Product Habits newsletter links in an Airtable Base

Now you can access all the Product Habits email newsletter links in an Airtable Base! I've shared 1,800 links and resources for startups since September 5th, 2014 covering product, startups, and business.

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Every week, since Issue #1 (September 5, 2014) of the Product Habits newsletter, I've shared 10 useful and actionable links that I've found from around the web about product, startups, and business. Over the past three and a half years, I've shared 1,800 articles from over 450 blogs to help tens of thousands of people create better products. This new Airtable base compiles every link from every issue of the Product Habits newsletter. The team at Airtable helped create this base, which you can use to: - Browse by category to take a deeper dive into product, marketing, sales, or my favorite picks. - Find articles by location to see how people around the world think about building a business today. - Pick out the top publications and read everything they've written. You'll learn the most by copying the base, marking it up with notes, and using it as a launching point for your own swipe file of the most helpful links you can find. I curate content because I love helping people and businesses grow. Don't forget to subscribe to the Product Habits newsletter too where I also share my hard won business lessons!
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Such an insane resource!!!
Hey @hnshah! Awesome resource here. I'm blown away by how consistent you are with the newsletter. What systems and processes do you have in place to take content that you like, track it and make sure they get included in the newsletter?
@smalter hey! I literally use my brain and a google doc. That’s it!
Best SaaS newsletter in my opinion. Great resource.
This list looks freaking amazing. Time to read it now. :)