Product Graveyard

Commemorating the most memorable dead products


A space to commemorate products that have shut down operations or have been acquired. Each profile includes information about the product's shutdown circumstances, possible alternatives, and a comments section for users to leave a eulogy or funny story.

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Kevin William David
Tim Herbig
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  • Ramy
    RamyFounder @ Letterfuel

    Great design, helps people do product research


    Great design and easy to navigate. This site will be useful for people building new products as it will help them learn from similar products that managed to gain traction, but ultimately die.

  • Rafe Needleman
    Rafe NeedlemanTech Editor, Writer, Critic, Blowhard

    Nostalgic AND educational.


    Not a con really, but I'd like to see this MVP evolve. Great start!

    This is fun and it could be super-useful. I'd love to do some analysis of this data set, correlating against Crunchbase data (sector, funding, etc) to see what could be learned and applied to future startups.

  • Kamlesh Ravlani
    Kamlesh RavlaniFounder, Agile For Growth

    Definitely worth learning from the good products that were killed


    Can't think any at the moment.

    Every Product Manager and Product Owner must remind themselves that their product must meet customer needs or will become obsolete. It's not necessarily about more features. It's about if the customers can use them with ease.

    Kamlesh Ravlani has used this product for one day.
  • Cris Firmo
    Cris Firmoa curious and info addict guy :)

    No pros


    Wrong information and censorship

    The site allow discussions using Disqus and I corrected the Orkut entry which was 100% wrong and instead of the site correct the entry, they removed my comment from it....

    Making a mistake is a ok

    Not correcting and censoring who corrects is more than pathetic

  • Angie
    AngieFounder of YourApparel

    Also adds why a product ended


    Can't think of any improvements at the moment

    Great for gathering ideas for new products and services.

  • Radoslav Stankov
    Radoslav StankovTech @ Product Hunt

    Shows good information about products.


    Doesn't include screenshots of the products. Doesn't have many filtering/search options

    Fun to look for nostalgia purposes.

  • Stellar Data Recovery
    Stellar Data RecoveryWe Recover Data

    An innovative concept



    At-least a place for products that are no longer in use.

  • Red Dave Marshall
    Red Dave MarshallFreelance operations guy

    Nostalgia & Despair all rapped in to one site.


    It's all bad. They're gone.

    It would be great include a summary of why each gravestone is there. Afterall those who came after the mothballs will just find digital dust.