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Beautiful / interactive push notifications for Android & iOS

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I am a Cofounder of QGraph. This is yet another take on push notifications from QGraph, built specifically for ecommerce apps. These new formats enable your users to discover and engage with multiple products without opening your app. As ecommerce app developer, you can showcase multiple products in beautifully designed, interactive push notifications. You can even send Personalized Recommendations, Trending products, Bestsellers and more with ease, powered by our Personalization Engine.
Can you talk about how your idea came about?
@nickohg these formats are inspired from adtech world, whether its Facebook Carousel Ads, Google PLA or the retargeting ads from companies like Criteo etc. The objective is to display relevant products to the user in order to help her in the purchase process. These interactive formats try to achieve the objective within a single notification, instead of annoying the user with multiple push notifications.
Really cool app. I think this is going to help with our new app. Well done!
@christian_amougou sounds great, thanks a lot :)