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#1 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2018

Compare any two software products based on your needs and preferences.


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  • Justin JohnsonI've got a few things going on...

    As someone historically on the business side, competitive analysis is a part of everyday life. This is a novel idea for making it easier.


    Limited information for now, but I assume it will be come far more robust.

    Everyone can go look at social following or hunt down some sort of financial metrics of a company in Crunchbase. Sifter gives some cool data that isn't super easy to find, like NPS, which is important to marketers.

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Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
We created Product Comparisons to make it easy to compare any two software products in our database. We've pre-generated a few hundred thousand, but you can actually create a new comparison on the fly (from our list of ~42,000 solutions, that's almost 1 billion comparison pairs)! Comparisons are based on Customer Sentiment/Reviews, Customer Growth, Adoption by Company Size/Industry/Geography, Integrations, and Pricing. Pages are being enriched with new data every day.
Roman Eaton@roman_eaton · 🥕- coming soon here 🚀
@ishan_gupta hey Ishan, congrats with new feature, could you ping your support if you please. Can't configure my product info till past week
Bryan WeisMakerHiring@bryan_weis · Growth at Siftery
@roman_eaton hey Roman, you should be all set but let us know if there's anything else we can help with!
Roman Eaton@roman_eaton · 🥕- coming soon here 🚀
@bryan_weis it has ben already set, thanks.
Roman Eaton@roman_eaton · 🥕- coming soon here 🚀
@ishan_gupta congrats with the first place, guys!
Benjamin LiborPro@bnjmnlbr · Building products, writing stories
Very helpful, I'd love to see a browser plugin which gives me alternatives if I view a tool's page
Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
@bnjmnlbr Thanks for the feedback! In case you haven't, you should definitely check out but we will surely keep the browser plugin in mind.
mcfly@mcflydev · Entrepreneur, Splurb
@bnjmnlbr @ishan_gupta yes this could be a real good feature in this product jungle world. And what about adding other product in compare tab ourself ?
Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
@bnjmnlbr @mcflydev Do you mean adding a third product? If yes, we decided to keep it limited to two products because that provided a clearer picture. We would love to know your thoughts around this.
mcfly@mcflydev · Entrepreneur, Splurb
@bnjmnlbr @ishan_gupta the possibility to search a product and add it in another column freely. this is what i meant
Alexander Isora 🦄@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform
Siftery seems to have answers to any "what software"-like question.
Divyansh Patel@divjpatel · UX Designer | Founder @uiuxcommunity
Super useful. Great work by the team
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
Congrats on yet another great feature by the Siftery team! :) I really like how the landing page was featuring some of the 'obvious' ones.