Easily display full resolution images with extra safety

Prodibi is a unique image display solution that lets anyone display and share stunning images in full quality and full speed on the web and mobile. We rebuilt the whole image experience to easily provides the best quality and speed for any image of any size on any device.

  • Sophie Delemo
    Sophie DelemoDeveloper

    The only place where I can show my panorama in full resolution!

    I can also upload my portraits in 50mpx done with my canon 5Ds


    Mobile apps not yet available

    This service is now more stable than at the beginning, some work stile need to be done, but it improves from release to release.

    I like the service because it's a different approach to display pictures, the picture viewer works really great on mobile, and the zoom is stunning!

    Sophie Delemo has used this product for one year.
  • Evgeny Tchebotarev
    Evgeny TchebotarevBased in Tokyo

    Powerful tool that with proper tweaking will help you stand out


    Interface and setup can be time consuming.

    I use it to safely deliver full resolution client images for proofing.

    Evgeny Tchebotarev has used this product for one month.
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Olivier Hamel
Olivier HamelMaker@prodibi_olivier · Co-founder @Prodibi
Thanks @evgeny_tchebotarev for hunting us! Hey everyone! I'm Olivier, one of the founders of Prodibi, a photography infrastructure as a service I have built with my brother Fred for the past couple of years. Today we wanted to show Prodibi to the PH community officially; we would love to get any feedback you have. What’s Prodibi about? It is simple, the way we display images online doesn’t make any sense anymore. We are photographers ourselves, and we were frustrated to degrade our photos to show them online. We decided to rebuild the image workflow and the online visual experience entirely. We solve all significant issues of displaying images online without slowing down websites, from the quality and size of photos to their formatting, compression, responsiveness, cropping, pixel density, color management, and security. The web platform we built on our iaas targets mainly photographers, but we also help enterprises, and agencies with their image need thanks to our APIs and plugins. In details: - You can upload your images in full quality and full size directly (up to 3 gigapixels), we take the maximum resolution and preserve it (jpeg, raw, psd, tiff). - You can easily embed your full-resolution photos to your website without slowing down your pages (like a Youtube video). - Zoom to the 100% size of your images without losing in quality. - Allow the download of you full-resolution images with custom settings and expiration dates. - Enable extra security for the pictures that matter the most. The security you wonder? While it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety, Prodibi images are more secure than standard pictures by nature since only the parts and resolution needed are streamed to the viewers. The original image is never sent to the device of the viewer unless the download capacity is enabled. On top, right-click on the pictures is disabled, and all new albums are by default privates. To strengthen even more the security you can enable URL encryption, image encryption, watermarking, and stealth mode. The encryption and watermarking of photos can always be on or only when zoomed in at 100% to ensure the best compromise between quality, performance, and security. We hope you will check it out and find it useful! ---- PS: Also, until this Sunday 11:59 pm, all hunters can get Prodibi with 40% off with code PRODIBI_PH
Olivier Hamel
Olivier HamelMaker@prodibi_olivier · Co-founder @Prodibi
A 60mpx photo if you want to see a demo:
Pascal Briod
Pascal BriodHiring@pbriod · Head of Product & Co-Founder, Monito
@prodibi_olivier congrats on the launch on PH! The demo is impressive!
Olivier Hamel
Olivier HamelMaker@prodibi_olivier · Co-founder @Prodibi
@pbriod Thanks Pascal, I appreciate the feedback!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Olivier Hamel
Olivier HamelMaker@prodibi_olivier · Co-founder @Prodibi
@ayush_chandra Thank you Ayush, glad you like it!