Get a new virtual card for every transaction



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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Only available in the US at the moment but I really want to try it 😭
Greg Gilbert — Founder, Nerdy Makers
@bentossell Looks very useful.
Doesn't your bank offer a similar service? That's something pretty "standard" in France. Without the browser extension of course..
Sandro Jazzar — Founder, Digital Labs
@bentossell entropay is a pretty similar alternative that works worldwide!
Jince Kuruvilla — Product Manager at Flocabulary
@gregoiregilbert @bentossell not here in the US - this is pretty much an unheard of concept
Mohit — Senior Software Engineer , AppDynamics
@j_nce @gregoiregilbert @bentossell Citi does offer cards where you can generate tons of virtual cards
Samuel Polat — Developer
.@bentossell Me too. Please make it available in Germany! This is so cool!
Rahul Bansal — Founder & CEO @rtCamp
@gregoiregilbert @bentossell We have similar services in India by banks but they don't work for subscriptions. And it's subscriptions I often forget to cancel! :(
aggieben — Co-founder, Trinity Republic
@bentossell Why every credit card and bank in the US doesn't already do this I'll never know, but I want this so much.
Boling Jiang —
Hi all - co-founder here. I’m super excited to announce that we’re live in the US, after being basically heads-down for the past 20 months.

We’ve been neck-deep on the card issuing side of payments (BIN sponsorship, ACH, processing, AML / KYC), so happy to field any questions on that front.

Give it a try - we'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

P.S. Your first $5 donation to is on us :)!
@bolingj this looks great. congrats. when can we expect to see this service hitting the UK?
Boling Jiang —
@mrandydavis It's in our long term roadmap, but unfortunately no firm timeframe yet :(.
Mordo de Maru — PMM | Product Hunt Madrid
@bolingj When will you be available in Europe? Will you be SEPA compatible?
Yulian Kuncheff — Sr. Devops Engineer, Playstation
@bolingj Congrats on this. I have been waiting on something like this ever since Paypal shutdown their version of it.

I plan to sign up shortly and give it a shot. I hope you guys solved the 1 issue that I have had with the paypal one in ages past is that some sites would see the card as not real or invalid or non-existent. Hopefully you guys got that kink worked out.

P.S. Just finished signing up, I love that your Chase linking happened instantly. The second I hit next, it already had my 2 accounts ready to choose from. Superbly done. I assume you guys are using Plaid? as Yodlee is vastly slower in that department (used to work in a Fintech startup)
Boling Jiang —
@daegalus Thank you! We are using Plaid. They are the best :).
@bolingj hey I run I would love to work with you and get a video done for a low price for coming number 1 on Product Hunt
jamesmudgett — iOS @path, @kong
@bolingj could you speak on your business model a bit. How are you covering costs associated with processing/ach/plaid etc?
Boling Jiang —
@jamesmudgett Every time you spend using a Privacy card, the merchant or website pays a fee (called interchange) to Visa and the issuing bank. This fee is shared with us. We have some premium features planned, but rest assured, our core virtual card product will always be free and we will never sell your personal data.
@bolingj Being UK based, is there any future timeline on when you'll be available outside of the US?
Sam Green — Founder, My Geek Review.
@bolingj How does this differ from Final?
Boling Jiang —
@senthos Hey! It's tough to compare to a pre-launch product. At the risk of making some broad strokes - it looks like they are issuing a physical card, while we're more focused on digital transactions (mobile + desktop). Also one of our key features is we protect your privacy & identity. You can use any billing information you want with our cards because we control AVS, and you can control what shows up on your bank statement when we settle the transaction.
Sam Green — Founder, My Geek Review.
@bolingj Great answer. Thank you. Android coming soon?
Boling Jiang —
@senthos Yes! It's on the roadmap for sure -- within the next few months. Shoot me a note, we'd love to have you in the beta when it's ready :).
Sam Green — Founder, My Geek Review.
@bolingj @privacy Sent this morning. :)
Jp Valery — Product Manager @ Gameloft
@bolingj Any plans to be available in Canada eh ?
Boling Jiang —
@jpvalery Eventually! It's on our roadmap, but no firm time frame yet. Would be happy to ping you when we're beta'ing though. Shoot me a note
nthndnh — User Acquisition
@bolingj does this work with credit cards? Or does it only charge via bank account?
SmartTiles™.click — Terry, Co-Founder SmartTiles
@bolingj Great product; two questions:
1. Few of my banks already offer this, but each with own complex login, but free. Is there going to be a fee?;

2. One main reason I use "one-time-use" Credit Card numbers (with short expiration dates), is to avoid automatic, unauthorized, re-billing of subscriptions (whether monthly or annually). Magazines and many services REQUIRE auto-rebilling as a "convenience" -- well, thanksbutnothanks. I've heard, unfortunately, that billing services like "Stripe" are now able to automatically, without authorization, fetch updated credit card information for expired cards that are used for subscriptions!!! Ludicrous. Does your product defeat that nonsense? Details here:
Rahul Bansal — Founder & CEO @rtCamp
@bolingj Will it work outside US if I use my international credit card as a funding source? Or do you only use US bank account as funding source?
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