Cashback Program

Get 1-5% cashback on purchases with Privacy's virtual cards's Cashback Program is here! protects your hard-earned cash when you shop online by generating virtual cards that give Cashback!

Freeze, unfreeze, and close cards any time.

Simple Cashback. Real rewards on debit.

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Happy current customer here, have never applied to the cashback feature because I don't enjoy the "tell a friend" requirement. How's this different is this? Any reason why nothing happens when I login from the landing page?
@rmateu Thanks for being an early supporter! 🎉 It looks like you found the page a bit before we were ready 😳. It should work now - could you give it another shot? If not, drop me a line and I’ll check it out!
@privacy @bolingj w00t. Worked now. Thanks
Hey all, co-founder here. I’m really excited to share this today! One of the top requests we’ve received since launching on Product Hunt has been a rewards program. We held off because we wanted to make sure we had the unit economics to offer a simple, sustainable program. No points or complicated hoops to jump through. Just Cash Back. We’re excited to now offer 1% cashback on almost all purchases made with Privacy (exceptions are international and money transfers like PayPal). And we’re offering even more cashback with special merchants (full list coming shortly). A reminder of what we do: lets you to create a unique debit card for every single purchase with just 1 click. We help keep your money and data safe from breaches and sneaky subscription billings. P.S. We’re giving early access to the first 500 Product Hunters - just use the link!
@bolingj Im guessing you don't allow AMEX?
@jamie_ross Unfortunately not :(.
@bolingj this is such an important product for places where 2 factor authentication isn't a mandate!
Hello @bolingj, any plans to bring Privacy to Switzerland too?
Privacy is awesome! Been a long time user. Excited to see this new update 👏
@jack7kim Thanks Jack!
Love Privacy, I always wanted to try the cash back feature.
Wow! I love this from the landing page, dashboard, and now I just installed the iOS app. Everything works so well and it looks so nice! I've been looking for something like this and I'm glad I found it! I'm changing all my subscriptions to Privacy cards right now!