Hi hunters, When we talk with website developers using Wordpress, we realize they actually like working with Wordpress because it's customizable and nice to use for non tech writers. However there are a lot of developers out there looking for an alternative to Wordpress! Why? When we ask what motivates them most to look for alternatives, here are some of the answers we received: - Too many hacks to get things done with wordpress - They don’t like PHP - They need something easier to maintain (upgrades, security issues) - Better templating language offers a productive, hosted CMS backend for website's developers. The content is then retrieved via an API, making it easy to integrate no matter the design or what technology is used. PHP might be the most popular language used by developers coming from the world of WordPress, but some are finding that Node.js a simple, light-weight and quick way to develop websites. We anyway provide SDKs for both, and a lot of other website building technologies. We believe that Node.js is easily accessible for Wordpress developers and wanted to help them get up and running with it. So we created this website template they can easily launch and start from to get familiar with a more productive and creative approach for websites development. Are you building Wordpress websites, are you looking for alternatives?