Global Color Swatches for Photoshop

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Prisma lets you create global color swatches that you can connect to your Photoshop layers to re-color them all together. If you're working professionally with Photoshop you know how tedious this is to do manually. It works project wide across multiple PSD files. Kudos to @DominikGuzei for creating it. Love these products that are motivated by real world use cases and really simplify your day to day. Makes you wonder how you could ever live without it. @DominikGuzei can you give us the high level overview re how Prisma relates to Adobe Cloud Libraries?
Hey @__tosh, The difference to the Adobe Cloud Libraries is the tight integration with Photoshop layers in Prisma which allows you to re-color your whole design when you change the color swatches. The swatches you save into the the Cloud Libraries cannot be connected to individual layers, so they solve only half of the problem. Prisma also synchronizes your swatches into the cloud, so you can connect any number of layers in different Photoshop files and they all stay in sync.
Hey there! I am Dominik, one of the makers of Prisma. We created Prisma to scratch our own itch as a designers (and coders) on some bigger projects that involved complex color schemes. As a team we wanted to stay flexible and experiment with different color combinations across 10-20 Photoshop designs. Updating the colors manually was no option anymore and would have cost us countless hours of tedious work. When we had the first prototype of Prisma in our hands, we knew that we had created something special. Now we released Prisma for everyone, so you can also speed up your Photoshop workflow and improve your designs due to the faster iterations. Our longterm goal with Prisma is not only a Photoshop extension, but a complete color management platform that works across InDesign, Illustrator and possibly other programs! What do you think about Prisma and what are workflows that you think could be improved in Photoshop or other graphic programs?