Prisma Cloud

GraphQL database platform


Prisma Cloud is a GraphQL-based database platform and is the easiest way to run Prisma in production.

- Serverless cluster hosting

- Powerful data browser to explore and edit data

- Team collaboration

- Metrics & database insights

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  • Divyendu Singh
    Divyendu SinghI get the job done!

    Provides a powerful cloud layer on top of Prisma

    - Serverless hosting

    - Data browser/editor

    - Production metrics


    Nothing worth mentioning

    Having taken a couple of services to production with self-hosted Prisma on AWS, I was waiting for it to officially release. I had a lucky chance to use this in beta for a few weeks and I can vouch for this product.

    Prisma cloud adds a lot of features on top of the Prisma database API layer

    like monitoring and data exploration that makes taking it to production even easier.

    What I love about Prisma (the DB API layer) is that it is truly tech first with most of the core design decisions happening on Github, one can quickly understand where the whole project is going.

    Another amazing thing about Prisma is that it programming language and technology agnostic, and unlike other platforms there is no vendor lock.

    Lastly, a feature that I would want in Prisma cloud is a serverless application server (currently, we build it with technologies like graphql-yoga and host it with maybe zeit's now or on AWS) BUT I can totally see a future where Prisma cloud and become a headless product platform (not just a headless CMS) where you have the availability of various templates to start from and you could build your business on top of it without having to manage any infrastructure.

    Divyendu Singh has used this product for one month.
  • Patrick v R
    Patrick v RFounder of MAD

    GraphQL is THE replacement for REST API's, but it's hard to do it right. Prisma Cloud makes development life so much easier!


    Prisma is a startup! #startuplife. But for a startup, their Slack support is awesome!

    Have been using Prisma and Prisma Cloud for a production ready product. Very happy about the simplicity, testability and maintainability of the code. Haven't gotten to the scalability part yet, but it's very promising as well!

    Patrick v R has used this product for one month.
  • Sairam
    SairamFather, Entrepreneur, & Advisor

    - Provides a great way to bootstrap your CRUD endpoints

    - Flexible playground

    - Data view to browse all the models in the cloud


    New technology. Not really a con per say - but, interested in seeing how it would scale with data.

    Few things that would be pretty helpful (feature requests)

    - Inbuilt support for authorization(roles/permission) for users at resource level (user/actions/resource - mapping).

    - Server side subscriptions are great, Not an optimal solution to build chat applications based on client side subscriptions yet. Hopefully it will improve overtime.

    Sairam has used this product for one month.
  • Noah Nathaniel-Daniel Davis
    Noah Nathaniel-Daniel DavisDirector of Engineering @ MarketMuse

    Great features for my entire team to utilize Prisma outside of standard development. Prisma is just plain awesome, so more Prisma == Dreamy


    Nothing has been negative in my team's experience so far.

    Prisma absolutely revolutionized the way we build products at MarketMuse. It has freed our teams from endless conversations and enabled us to just start building. Every new project I start will be using Prisma in the future and then leveraging the power of the Prisma Cloud platform to take all of the annoying work off my plate and let me focus on what my team and I do best.

    Noah Nathaniel-Daniel Davis has used this product for one month.
  • Huvik

    Cloud provides you with metrics of usage and data browser for better data visualization. No need for your own server to run prisma.


    I couldn't find any yet

    I used Prisma cloud for 3 weeks and was amazed how good it is. I participated in beta and was satisfied how good support Graphcool provides for Prisma cloud. UI of prisma cloud is super easy to grasp even for not technical users. Everything is included and you don't need to take care of your prisma instance.

    Huvik has used this product for one month.
  • Alex Alexeev

    To me it is kinda the best approach to setup a new project that needs a DB, period


    see none:)

    I used their service starting from graphcool and I liked the direction they followed from then - open sourcing things and provide more controlled developer experience. Heads up!

    Alex Alexeev has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to start and make your life really simplier with a graphql server \o/


    Young product! (but they are really reactive :) )

    I have participated to the alpha/beta version, for me it's the best way to provide data to a GraphQL server (no more long queries, it's just efficient!). It's just a nice to have in every project.

    Fabien BERNARD has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Effortless Connections, Subscriptions, Queries, and Mutations

    Database schema and migrations reduced to `prisma deploy`


    GraphQL as a whole is still developing best practices

    This is the easiest and best way to abstract the complexity of database schema and migrations when integrating a GraphQL server. I love it and am excited for the future!

    Dennis Walsh has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    - Solves hardest GraphQL problem between db & app

    - Speeds up development of GraphQL servers

    - Bring your own database

    - Powerful admin GUI


    - While, the Prisma software is fairly stable, Primsa Cloud has just exited beta and there are a few teething issues with the GUI

    I believe GraphQL is an incredibly powerful set of standards and querying language. It works really well between client and server. The hard part is building the GraphQL server.

    The scope of queries and mutations can be very large and complex. How do you deal with this on the server? Do you write SQL to handle every possible combination? Do you write an SQL query for each field on a node thereby sacrificing performance?

    My belief is that Prisma solves this key problem. On top of that it provides you with a powerful admin GUI and direct access to your database with GraphQL. This is a real time saver. Prisma also helps you manage the structure of your data inside your database. Big thumbs up from me.

    There are a few teething issues with Prisma Cloud and it's GUI. Having used the beta and Graphcool BaaS, the Graphcool team move fast and are continually improving things.

    Max Darque has used this product for one month.
  • Rex Raphael
    Rex RaphaelFull stack Engineer

    Power, simple and easy to understand UI/UX. Easy deployment, with powerful dashboard.



    Started using when it first became opensourced on Github. I was working with a REST framework at that that. Having heard of Graphql a year before with never really giving it time to learn. I needed a solution with flexible zigzag relationship query as I like to call it and Graphql seem like the best answer so I decided to give it a shot. I started writing graphql server and query and while it was fine the resolver API was quite something to write. ou just have sweat that part out.

    I needed to work fast and get result in weeks and I heard of Graphcool gave it a shot it was awesome, but I still felt something was missing in how API to database should be written and handled.

    Then 3 days time I signed back into the Graphcool slack community and there was a huge confusion as to a new service called Prisma or a rename. I treated it with the "are we ever gonna stop trying to catch up with software trends". Then I gave it a go.

    And I was blown away by how simple and straight to the point the resolver API was and the typescript support with Visual Studio Code IS was amazing. It changed my perception on how to handle CRUD hooks and events, not that it was flawed but improved. You think that was all and then Prisma Cloud made deploying prisma apps effortless with one simple command, with a modern admin UI

    Right now I'm using Prisma Cloud for a client a contract project. called Unizonn it's a social media for students and academia and that fused with the power of Prisma Cloud. Prisma Cloud Rocks

    Rex Raphael has used this product for one month.
  • Clayton Ray
    Clayton RaySoftware Engineer

    Fast, easy to use, intuitive, great UI


    Minor bugs during beta but to be expected

    I've been using Prisma Cloud for about a month now (I had early access) and have been happy so far. Of course, the beta had some bugs but that's to be expected. Aside from those bugs, it worked great. It's really fast to get up and running with a GraphQL server and database, letting you get back to developing the product. For someone who isn't great at DevOps (like me), this is a great product choice because of those reasons above. I think the team has done an excellent job and excited to see new features come as time goes by

    Clayton Ray has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    - Awesome deployment experience via CLI

    - Built-in Databrowser

    - No-Ops at its best

    - Beautiful UI

    - Awesome and super supportive team


    - Easier integration into own CI/CD pipeline

    You have to build products with Prisma! In my last client project, I used Prisma to rewrite an API and storage layer of a legacy system and what can I say? It was a breathe of fresh air! Implementing such a layer is usual a very boring task and it is pretty hard to get it right. Not with Prisma! It was actually a fun task. Excellent tech, combined with a welcoming and very supportive team allowed me to decrease the overall development time.

    My client is running on Kubernetes and I had to deploy my Prisma service on their cluster as well. Nevertheless, I also had the chance to test drive Prisma Cloud and I will definitely considering it for my next production app. Graphcool is developing high quality technology!

    Congrats on the launch. You rock! 🚀

    André König has used this product for one month.
  • Manjula Dube
    Manjula DubeCoder & Maker

    You dont have to think about infrastructure anymore...Just go and deploy.


    Not the one I can think of any

    Prisma Cloud is the easiest way to use Prisma in production without thinking about infrastructure

    Manjula Dube has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    - Quick development

    - Fast iterations

    - We stay completely owner of our own data

    - Collaborative

    - Beautiful UI


    Front-end devs are about to steal our jobs.

    Using Prisma Cloud with React and React Native can lead to multi-platform, production-ready apps within weeks.

    Flavian Desverne has used this product for one month.
  • rohan ray
    rohan rayDirector, Recaho Digital Pvt. Ltd.

    Quick to bootstrap a React & Graphql app.

    Easy to collaborate in a team.

    OOTB monitoring makes life easy.


    Would like to see multi Databases support very soon.

    The prisma data model can be rigid some times and cannot support a few ER modelling.

    Prisma team is very supportive and are quite active on Slack.

    rohan ray has used this product for one month.