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Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
Hey, Product Hunters!

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.

Btw, see those cool pics made by our users and follow us on Instagram
Matt NavarraΒ β€” Social Media Director for @TheNextWeb
@usoltt We loved it over at @TheNextWeb. Told the guys about it last night and got them to write it up today. It was (unsurprisingly!) popular :)
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@mattnavarra @thenextweb haha) Cool :-) Thank you, Matt!
Ben ThompsonΒ β€” Co-founder & Product @GitPrime
@usoltt Andrey, I saw this in my twitter feed last night and gave it a spin. Very impressive. I'm a snob when it comes to 'cheezy photoshop filters' but Prisma really shines. Well done!

Wider/full size images are a must.

Loving the Heisenberg filter for a rough sketched look:
Richard RobinsonΒ β€” Graphic Designer
@usoltt Any plans on a Mac app and/or non-square cropped photos? BTW this is my all-time favorite photo editing app!
Adithya ShreshtiΒ β€” Founder of Startuposphere
@usoltt Hatsoff to the team behind!!!

Been using from past 3 days and showing it off to family and friends πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Would love to see how this grows with more filters and features πŸ˜€
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@adithya Great! πŸ‘ Thank you!
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@thebent Thanks, Ben!
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@richardr0924 Thanks, Richard! Everything is possible ;-) Stay tuned!
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@thebent Thank you, Ben! Nice shot, btw)
Pawel JaniakΒ β€” I love making tools
@usoltt this is the best app I've ever used man!
Andrey UsoltsevΒ β€” Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
@cynicalgrinch Cool to hear that :) Thanks!
TamratΒ β€” Architect, Editor @
@usoltt This is just too good!
Shaked LokitsΒ β€” Pedagogic Coordinator, Hebrew University
@usoltt Happy someone did something with neural style πŸ‘ Good Luck!
Niv DrorΒ β€” Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@usoltt I made Tesla Art

GibsonΒ β€” city of los angeles
@usoltt I know this is always lame to ask but , will it take time to make it to android?
Leonel MoreΒ β€” Ramping up
@usoltt I see Android is on the backlog. Any plans to implement it on the web, like "upload your image and select your style"?

Great stuff :)
Stephen ChipΒ β€” Co-founder,
@thebent I also would like to see support for full size images. Maybe offer a full image size, FB, Twitter, G+, etc.
@usoltt what about Android?
Christopher LeachΒ β€” Programmer and Student
@usoltt Don't know how you pulled this off buts it's magic!!!! I had to use a g2.xlarge instance on EC2 to achieve the same effects! Well done
Adam CarmackΒ β€” Partner, Kessel Ventures
@usoltt This is amazing. When will it come to Android so I can stop stealing my wife's phone?
Damien CluzelΒ β€” CEO, Wild it (@wilditapp)
@usoltt Effects are so cool, I'm gonna share a pic on my Facebook and see how it reacts ;) Great job!
Tim ShimΒ β€” Founder, Rippl
@usoltt Loving the app, Andrey. Any thoughts on releasing an API for developers? ;)
Bhuvan thakerΒ β€” Partner @ t2c
@usoltt Where is the Android version?
Dhananjay YadavΒ β€” Founder,
@usoltt Currently, The two things which are creating most amount of buzz online are - Pokemon Go and Prisma. Haven't seen any filter taking-off in such a big way especially in India. Would love to see, How Prisma evolves overtime, as it has got a massive potential.

Also, would you be looking towards integrating with other platforms, similar to the lines of Giphy & Bitmoji.
Niv DrorΒ β€” Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
When you hear that Facebook might acquire Prisma by the end of the week:

Aseem RohatgiΒ β€” All things random
@dhananjay_yadav @usoltt. India is an android market and prisma currently is not available in android, how come it's popular here then?
Dhananjay YadavΒ β€” Founder,
@aseemrohatgi @usoltt Good Question ! Apple currently has approximately 3% Market Share in India, and growing at the rate of 62 %, which is decent considering India 240 million mobile users more then overall population of many countries. Besides, I have observed that about 60 % Snapchat users in India are from IOS Users, and if you dig deeper you will find the same with Instagram & Pinterest as well. These are the users that are ready experiment with creative stuff.
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Love Pikazo and Malevich. This is also very well done.

Here's a photo of @staringispolite from our tour of SF MoMA last weekend:

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