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Rachel from Prism here! I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Fire away!
@timesnewrachel hey Rachel- thanks for joining the convo. Any idea about the app only showing minimum payment amounts rather than full amount owed as described by Jason in another comment.
@kunaltandon Of course! Thanks for your question. I'm happy to tell you that we do support paying up to the total statement balance! We default to showing the minimum amount due on the homescreen until you pay your bill; once you pay your bill, we'll show the total statement balance as the amount due on the homescreen if that's the amount you paid. I hope this helps!
“For most Americans, paying bills is managing their finances. This stress is being enhanced rather than reduced by banks and billers, and we recognized that it was a problem that we could solve with technology.” -- Prism CEO Tyler Griffin
@badboyboyce this looks great- have you been using it- any issues?
@badboyboyce @kunaltandon I was using Prism on Android. the main issue I ran up against was that upcoming bills screen didn't show the full amount owed. It only seems to show the minimum payment amount. That pretty much defeats the purpose for me as I want to pay the entire balance owed in full.I don't want to incur interest charges by carrying a balance. I really love the idea of Prism @timesnewrachel, but unless I can pay the full balance (or at least enter a custom amount to pay) then there is really no use for the app for me. The Check app from Intuit offers a similar feature-set and is my current app of choice, but I think the Prism UI/UX is better and I hope to switch back one day. https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@sixside thanks for the input. That is a HUGE issue, and less than ideal. I also would want to pay off the entire balance owed and not just make minimum payments.
@badboyboyce @kunaltandon @sixside Thanks for chiming in, Jason! I'm happy to tell you that you can pay more than the minimum amount due on your credit cards and insurance payments (you can pay up to the total statement balance). Simply tap on your bill, then tap on the top bar that shows the payment amount; the total statement balance will be an available payment amount option. We also just released an update where if you pay the total amount due, that will be the amount we show on the homescreen and upcoming bills screen going forward. I hope this helps! We'd love to have you back!
@timesnewrachel good to know, I'll take another look. Is there a limit on the amount that can be paid? With Check I was running into issues where there was a cap on the amount I could pay. I tend to put some pretty large charges on some of my biz cards each month and therefore need to make large (over $5000) payments.
Very intuitive, and my eye-candy loving self is a huge fan of the logo! Kind of reminds me of slice.com but for bills. One thing I like about slice is that it alerts you when the price of something you bought recently drops, you could implement a similar concept here and notify me with tips/tricks to lower my bill.
@ghobs91 Thanks for joining in! That's great feedback, and I'll definitely pass it along to the team. Of note, we will alert you when the amount of a bill had either dropped or increased significantly from the prior month, so you know to check it out. Thanks again!
This is such a REAL problem. Many in lower income communities are often the ones paying the most in late fees and overdraft charges which in many cases can be avoided. I'm glad they didn't just launch it on IOS but on android as well since the people that would really benefit from this app it tend to favor android.
@belaurie We absolutely agree! We do everything that we can to help our customers avoid these nasty fees. They always come at the worst possible time, and, believe it or not, the typical American family spends $430 per year on these kinds of fees. A big reason we started Prism was to help our customers avoid this stuff and escape the stress and anxiety of bills. We hope you love it!
I don't really feel this hassle of paying bills but I recognize many others do. Would <3 to hear from bill payers who've used Prism; looks slick.