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Hey all! Founder here. Thanks for posting @UXAndrew! Happy to answer any questions and all feedback is much appreciated :)
@owensbla I'd like to know if your intended user base is college kids like I was thinking from personal experience, or someone else? Corporate?
@UXAndrew Haha, college kids printing posters is a great use case! Initially Printify was built with the average user in mind and I just wanted to bring a better user experience to the printing process. As it gets refined, it's going to start to shift towards targeting photographers and storytellers and becoming an ecosystem of printing tools for them.
I am fawning over how you've chosen to show poster sizing @owensbla. I wish all sites had examples shown at scale. The pricing is incredibly fair. Plotting my first purchase.
@stttories Ahhhh, that's so awesome, thank you! Glad to hear it. Hoping to continue to add examples and photos that'll help give a feel for how the prints will come out!
I remember in college I had the same shitty posters on my dormroom walls as everyone else....we've come a long way from that :-)
What's an "average" user? :-)
@UXAndrew Anyone who wants a print! But I hear what you're saying. My motivation was building a product that'd make me comfortable giving some of my photos to my parents and saying: "go here, order prints". With that said, the branding, marketing, and future feature set is going to be done with photographers in mind moving forward!