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#5 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2016
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Priime is still my favorite photo editing app. Seriously, every photo that goes up on at the very least gets cropped in Priime, but usually all get a dose of lighting/color adjustments. Photo collection publishing in a social way seems like a great next step for the high resolution / batch editing they launched. I love the idea of updating or posting new sets of photos as a unit, rather than individual ones, and allowing friends and admirers to follow. Pro-tip: check out for some amazing nature collections
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@alexisohanian So in essence is it another Instagram-esque app? I'm not too sure what the difference is here other than there's a better filter/cropping system.
@sobeyharker it depends on how you define Instagram-esque. If you mean posting a photo that everyone can see, it's definitely in that realm. But the use is different in a couple ways: 1. Instagram focuses on individual photos 2. Instagram has been optimized mainly for mobile consumption 3. With mobile, they tend to push towards moments and sharing them In comparison, Priime set out to be: 1. A better editing tool for those who are a bit more deliberate with their photos (hobbyists, pros, etc) on iOS and now macOS 2. Priime creates editing in a style that is actually used by real modern day photographers, who shoot for companies we all see photos of today, like Nike, Paypal, Vogue, and more 3. Priime analyzes your photo and suggests styles to use that are best suited, with a combination of computer vision, pixel scanning, and machine learning. It all happens in milliseconds, but the analyzation is complex, looking at over 56 different photographic properties. 4. Priime Collections is a way to serve the sort of photographer who wants all of that editing power. Priime editing saves full resolution photos, up to 120 megapixels (whereas Instagram is more optimized for mobile, so doesn't save them very close to the larger sizes that modern day cameras, even iphones, can take). 5. When taking photos, a lot of times there are more than one photo, giving a bigger narrative on a project, trip, etc. Priime Collections is all about sharing sets / collections, either ongoing or a conclusive project that you want to show off. 6. High resolution publishing, and a great landing page on the web Anyway, in a nutshell, lots of subtleties that lends to a different type of user.
@art_chang Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I'm a fairly avid Instagram user and those points do help separate the two apps. I'll have to give it a try over the weekend for the holiday period and see how I find it. Cheers again for the well thought out reply!
Hey All! As a team of photographers ourselves, we saw amongst our own work and our peers a few really interesting things in more modern day photography that we thought were worth making better. *Lots of Photos* Modern cameras take tons of photos. They're also very high resolution. iPhone cameras included. A lot of times when we go out to shoot, we don't come back with one or two photos, but we come back with a collection of them. Publishing platforms out there (I'm talking about Instagram, Flickr, 500px, and such) focus on individual photos as the unit being shared. That's pretty sweet, but anything more than 5 photos at a time gets a little crazy. Through a lot of research, design, and working with industry leaders, we have designed a great first step to publishing to our audiences a beautiful collection of photos. Either as an ongoing project, or a conclusive project. *Social* It's not all about vanity metrics. Instead we wanted to start by showcasing the photos in the best way possible. You can now follow photographers' work through the feed in the app and see both new and updates to collections. *High Resolution and beautiful display* Yeah it costs a lot for us to host, but it's totally worth it, and we're not looking to be a backup per say, but more of a display of the best photos from a project, trip, etc. The photos are displayed with very high resolution on both mobile and desktop web, and of course within the app itself. Most current solutions are optimized for mobile viewing only, with stretchy zooms if at all. I thought it would be better to create a much higher quality way to visualize photos on both platforms. Full width, never cutting off the photo in the viewport, and so on, were properties we all wanted. *Let the photos do the talking* We made a lot of design decisions around cutting out a lot of branding and anything else on the photo pages. This allowed the photos to really speak for themselves. Partners, individuals, brands, and so on have been working with us on using our collections as landing pages for displaying their collections of photos to their audiences. *Featured Photos and Suggested Users* Discovery of new photographers / photos have always been really interesting to us. Within the app, there's a featured section showing some really exceptional work, from both hobbyists and well awarded professionals. Suggested users are also given, as people who are creating some beautiful narratives with their collections that are worth following. Happy to answer any other questions!
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Priime is the only photo-editing app I keep on my phone! I'm not much of a photographer or photo editor, but #priime_tamalpais makes even my photos look good! Love the new updates! Especially love browsing some of the color-themed collections so far. Keep up the great work, Priime-time team!
It's simple to use and I always try to join the photoshoots the Priime community organizes. I'm not a pro but now certainly feel like one 👌
@spoilingcharlie exactly what we're trying to accomplish! And your work is probably amazing anyway.