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Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
Hey PH!

Yesterday I was working on a pricing section for a client, I did a little benchmark of the existing pages from my favorite products to look for inspiration. I found myself quickly fascinated by these pages. I've started to collect HD screens of fulll pages in a .sketch file, and it becomes very addictive: I was trying to collect the pricing pages of every products, like pokemon cards when I was kid. At the end I had a 100mo sketch page with +60 nice pricings page so I've decided to setup a directory of the best pricing pages!

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Paresh Patel — Co-Founder, Abhisi Help Desk
@tchret Pricing pages are fairly difficult to design. We have made many changes to ours and we're probably not done yet. Browsing through this resource will be a big help. Thank you.
Grégoire CHARLES — Product Manager, Clustree
In @tchret we trust! 🙌🏻
Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
thanks @gregcha 😸
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