Priceless AI

All-you-can-eat image object detection @ fixed monthly price

All-you-can-eat image object detection at a fixed monthly price:
• State-of-the-art image object detection
• 50ms latency
• 20 image predictions per second
• 50M image predictions per month
• Unlimited bandwidth
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I noticed that AWS Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision offerings are very expensive when you need to process 100k+ images per month. I decided to solve this problem by using clever low-level optimization to better utilize the hardware while keeping the monthly price fixed 😇 Hope you find it useful.
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@ahmadbaracat Congratulations for the upcoming launch. This should be very valuable for Startups.
I'd like to see a free trial (even if very limited) or refund policy for those who are either unsure of the product, or their own ability to make it work. I fall into the second category.
@footer Thanks Amin for your comment, you will get to try it out before subscribing and will make sure to highlight the refund policy :)
How cool is that, can you detect faces and recognise identities as well?
@garintheengineer Thank you Ilya! Currently, we don't and honestly we want to shy away as much as possible from faces and people identification since it can be abused by authorities 😇
@ahmadbaracat That is understood. Ahmad, sorry for a little bit offtop. I am new to the PH, how did you manage to add an upcoming product to your profile? I guess there is some kind of maintennance now because I can't open my makers profile page. Is it the same for you?
@garintheengineer No worries. When you post your product, you get to decide the launch date :)
@ahmadbaracat when will your product be available?