Pretty Shots

"On Demand Video Editors" - Beautifully simple film editing.

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I created Pretty Shots as a weekend project with @thomassfoley. After returning from a trip with 500+ minutes of GoPro footage, I realized how painful editing video footage can be. I hired an editor from Italy who did an amazing job, for an amazing price. After talking to my friends who shoot video on GoPro's and iPhones & explaining how I edited my film, they all asked for an introduction to my Italian editor. And that's when the idea for this weekend project came about. We wanted to build the easiest way to create amazing videos from the footage you shoot on your GoPro, iPhone, or video camera. We gave ourselves a budget of $200 to create the landing page and came pretty close to that target. *Our Goal* Connect customers with professional film editors, on-demand, for an affordable price. *Target Customer* Our target customer is the adventurer who just bought a GoPro, but doesn't like to sit on her computer and edit. Or the Mom who takes 100's of videos of her baby, but doesn't have time for iMovie. *Our Editors* We spent time curating a list of our favorite "for hire" editors on the web. We will always pair you with a film school graduate or someone with extensive professional experience. I would encourage everyone to try a weekend project and release it on Product Hunt. PH is an amazing way to collect feedback and be creative with your friends. For Thomas and I, this project gave us a chance to catch up and spend time together, and I will always be grateful for that! (cc @rrhoover).
@jmj what happened to Pretty Shots Jeff?
I'm really interested in these kinds of products that are semi-scalable. Good find Jeff!
@whale Thanks Matthew! I actually created this with my longtime friend @thomassfoley as a side project (aka a good excuse for us to hang out!) I recently came home from a trip and had 500+ minutes of GoPro footage sitting on my hard drive. It sat there for weeks, mostly because I had zero time to edit. After talking to friends with GoPro's, they all said the same thing. They love shooting the videos but hate editing. Our goal is to empower content creators, by allowing them to spend more time filming their adventures than editing them. I thought of this project as a weekend project and a reason to spend time with an old friend, very much like a modern version of being in a garage band. I think it might be a good fit for Assembly. What do you think?
Great idea, @jmj! Enjoyed your Medium post and I think there's a real need for Pretty Shots.
@GeoffreyWeg Thanks very much! I was always a huge fan of MoveLine. Appreciate the note.