Prettier is an opinionated code formatter

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James Long
Founder of Actual
Hi Product Hunt! I started writing Prettier when I was working on another product (that I hope to launch on PH soon :)). I got so tired of formatting code and felt like it was slowing me down so much. Christopher (vjeux) joined early on and helped see it all the way through. I'm super excited with how far it's come and that it solved the problem so well! I honestly think it has helped my build my product faster. Let me know if you have any questions about the history of prettier or how it works. I won't be able to respond for a few days, I happen to be leaving for a vacation where I won't have any internet right now. But I'll respond (or vjeux will) when I get back!
Praveen DurairajApplication Engineer, Hasura
We have been using Prettier at Hasura for the past two months for a few fairly large react codebases and it really solved our formatting issues. Combined with a pre-commit hook as well to ensure consistency across collaborators. One gripe initially was that few of our devs didn't like the opinionated formatting but there wasn't anything to automate styling either! You will get used to it eventually. Hope everybody embraces some form of code styling guide to improve productivity.
ChrisLead Digital Weaver

I'm not a Javascript developer so I love that Prettier makes generally good formatting decisions for me, freeing need up to think about the code. It's easy to apply Prettier to any project I'm working on, even if other proper in the project aren't using it.


No configuration, easy to set up, defaults everyone can agree on


Harder to tell that a project is using Prettier

> Cons: Harder to tell that a project is using Prettier Most editors have a setting that enables format on save only if the project is using prettier (either by looking for a config file or the dependency in package.json). I find that very useful when working on multiple project that may or may not be using it.
Vincent van Scherpenseel
CEO @ ContentKing
"defaults everyone can agree on" bold statement ;)
ØrtaEngineer on TypeScript
All my JS projects use prettier, my blog uses prettier, I can't wait for the day when all my native code also uses prettier. Removes a whole area of discussion from code review.
Ahmad Awais ⚡
Google Dev Expert / Node.js CommComm

Big fan of the Prettier project, the team behind it, and how it has easier configuration. Wish there could be WordPress support (CIP →


Best printer of AST I've used in a long long time. Less configuration is a big plus as well. Huge community support behind it. Battle tested


Nothing for what it promises.

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