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Sarah Buhr — Reporter, TechCrunch
Please don't just send out mass emails. Works much better when you actually know what we write about and/or get to know us a bit more than just that we write somewhere and have a Twitter account.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@sarahbuhr I wish we could sticky your comment at the top of this thread.

I'd like to see Pressfarm categorize reporters into areas of interest, linking to articles they've written on that subject. Bonus points if they created Twitter lists in these categories so press-hungry founders can get to know reporters passively over time.
Matt Hamann — Software Engineer
@sarahbuhr This comment deserves a +1 button ;-)
Melinda Byerley — Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
@sarahbuhr that's what I love about PressFriendly, they are the opposite of that. they actually help startups filter through the list of reporters to find people who are the best targets based on past writing. In addition they help us prepare for long lead publications. All of this is very time consuming for a startup; and hiring a PR firm is out of the question. I've had good response so far from the journalists I've contacted because I was able to target the pitch carefully.
Drew Prindle — Writer/Editor @ Digital Trends
@sarahbuhr -- couldn't agree more. I'm FAR more likely to respond to a product/startup pitch if it comes from somebody who knows my beat a little bit
Ben (Kenobi) Parr — Captivology / DominateFund

So let's go through EVERYTHING that is wrong with this product. I am speaking as a former journalist.

1) Journos -- like VCs -- rarely write about startups that cold pitch them. You are ALWAYS BETTER GETTING AN INTRODUCTION. Seriously, get a goddamn introduction. That cuts through 99% of the crap.

2) Or just meet the journalists in person and become their FRIEND! Like anybody else, friends help friends.

3) PItches that get written up aren't just about the value of the product, but validation. There's a reason why a journalist will write about a startup started by Googlers or backed by Mark Cuban: they have been validated! In a world where journos get hundreds of emails daily, having that indicator of being quality and being vetted means everything.

4) You're just going to piss off the journalists spamming them and get less coverage in the future.

5) Seriously, don't use this product. This does NOTHING to help you get press to write about your startup.

Sean Percival — Partner, 500 Startups
@benparr *nods*
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