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Sarah Buhr
@sarahbuhr · Reporter, TechCrunch
Please don't just send out mass emails. Works much better when you actually know what we write about and/or get to know us a bit more than just that we write somewhere and have a Twitter account.
Ben Parr
@benparr · Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
So let's go through EVERYTHING that is wrong with this product. I am speaking as a former journalist. 1) Journos -- like VCs -- rarely write about startups that cold pitch them. You are ALWAYS BETTER GETTING AN INTRODUCTION. Seriously, get a goddamn introduction. That cuts through 99% of the crap. 2) Or just meet the journalists in person and become their… See more
@ezrasuki · developer
It's embarrassing to admit but I have experience hiring a high-end PR firm that cost like $10K per month for my past startup, they had the "list" of all the tech writers and analysts. Our startup had a pretty novel concept, but we only got coverage from 2. After that I just went straight to the source, networked, met them in person, and got more coverage tha… See more
Neil S W Murray
@neilswmurray · European tech journalist.
I really don't see the appeal in this if it is just basic contact info. Information such as the types of topics they cover, past articles etc would be far more useful, as you want to be reaching out to journalists with an interest in your area, there is no use just cold emailing a bunch of journalists. There are also loads of these lists available on the… See more
Tim Bradshaw
@tim · tech reporter, Financial Times
Adding to the above: There's more info about what I cover - and my email address, free for all to see - on my Twitter account. This doesn't provide a bio, just a link to some blogposts I've written (only a minority of the stories I write). Also I really don't love the idea of being "farmed"...