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Easy and automatically updated press pages for your company


One of the biggest complaints we heard after working with thousands of reporters is that startups either don't have a press page ready or the pages are too outdated to be helpful. We know it's tough to prioritize the press page as a busy founder, so we made it easy to set up and maintain.

Key feature: automatically updates your press mentions!

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Tony K. Lai
Francis Duong
Tony Pham
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  • Tony K. Lai
    Tony K. LaiCEO,

    This team is incredible. Their work speaks for itself and scales your impact at a fraction of the cost.


    Early days for this particular feature.

    Will be incorporating this as part of our public pages. Have been incredibly satisfied with Upbeat's other products and services.

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  • Esther Dyson
    Esther DysonEDventure

    It automates what needs automating, while leaving the natural-intelligence work to those who actually have NI!


    It's not a "con," but disclosure: I'm an investor & former journalist; I love this team and the approach they're taking. totally biased! :)

    no longer blank

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  • Pros: 

    so simple, save dev time


    does it have everything PR company needs?

    trying it out now!

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